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20 Of The Most Effective Wristlocks For BJJ...
What Is Wristlocks Revealed?
Wrist locks are the most underrated submission in all of BJJ!
I have literally studied the wrist locks that have been finished in IBJJF tournaments, ADCC, And MMA and came up with the 20 most effective and most efficient wrist locks that work amazing in BJJ at every level!
Wrist Locks Revealed is A SHORTCUT.
It doesn't matter how big or strong someone is. Compared to someone smaller, the bigger stronger persons wrist is relatively close in size! You can't say the same for their biceps, shoulders, or legs!

Wrist locks are like a cheat code when you are having trouble finishing any other submission... there is usually a wrist lock right around the corner.  

When used right, they can be as effective as heel hooks, toe holds, and straight ankle locks! They all take advantage of the same principle.  They both expose a very small and weak part of your opponents body and capitalize on this.
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"Every time I feel like I'm safely defending an attack, out of nowhere I'm getting wrist locked. Matt's wrist locks are impossible to anticipate and leave an opponent truly defenseless!"
(Jeff Houghtaling- BJJ Black Belt)

"My wrists hurt just thinking about Matt Arroyo and his wrist locks. Matt is a wizard at them. He will catch you in one from any position or situation. I believe wrist locks will become like leg locks were a couple of years ago. Some people will talk badly about them. But, everyone will have to know them" 
(Troy Ragano-BJJ Black Belt, 52 Years Old)
"Wrist locks are available in almost every position imaginable and Matt Arroyo's system will help you to find them. So whether you use them to submit your opponent or advance a position this is a great technical addition for your Jiu Jitsu toolbox!!!" 
(Kevin Gallagher, BJJ Black Belt, Masters World Champion)
Inside Of This Course, Here Are The Wrist Locks You Will Learn...
  • 1. Wrist Lock Fundamentals - This will teach you the anatomy of the wrist, how to properly lock in the wrist lock, and exactly what you need to happen for you to be able to get it.
  • 2. Mount: Head And Arm Wrist Lock - This will teach you how to apply the wrist lock on a failed attempt of a head and arm choke.
  • 3. Gift Wrap Wrist Lock - How to properly apply the wrist lock to finish your opponent before you decide to go to the back or take the arm bar.
  • 4. S-Mount Wrist Lock - When entering the s-mount, I reveal that there is a perfect moment to go for it and get it with high success instead of going for the arm bar and possibly losing it to a stronger opponent.
  • 5. Mounted Arm Bar Wrist Lock - I reveal the exact technique on how to apply a wrist lock when you have an arm bar locked in from the mount, but they are locking their arms together in the most popular defensive grips.
  • 6. Bottom Guard Over Hook Wrist Lock - When someone is in your guard and you have a deep over hook on one of their arms, they will always try to circle their arm out...This wrist lock catches them at the right moment to surprise even the most experienced grapplers.
  • 7. Bottom Guard Triangle Wrist Lock - You will discover how to slip in the wrist lock if you are having trouble finishing the triangle choke, or if you just want to use less energy.
  • 8. Bottom Guard Arm Bar Wrist Lock- We will reveal how to properly apply the wrist lock when your opponent is in the top of your guard in an arm bar and utilizing some of the most common arm bar defense grips.  
  • 9. Bottom Guard Shoulder Jump Arm Bar Wrist Lock - I reveal to you how to finish the wrist lock when you have your opponent in the "shoulder jump" position...You will also learn a bonus move on how to finish the shoulder jump arm bar.
  • 10. Bottom Guard Oma Plata Wrist Lock- This will teach you how to finish the wrist lock when you have someone in a full oma plata and maybe they are too flexible to finish...or if you just want to use less energy.
  • 11. Bottom Guard- Kimura Wrist Lock - Some times against a stronger opponent it is difficult to finish a bottom guard kimura because you cant break their grip...well this shows you how to take advantage of the effortless wrist lock in this situation.
  • 12. Bottom Guard Double Under Pass Defense Wrist Lock - The double under pass is one the most popular and hardest to defend passes. This sneaky wrist lock will tap them while they go for the double unders or just make them run from you, which in turn will stop the pass.
  • 13. Back Position Body Triangle Wrist Lock - This is my all time favorite and highest percentage wrist lock of all time. I've tapped many black belts from the body triangle and you will too. 
  • 14. Back Position "May I Help You" Wrist Lock - Here you will discover how to use the wrist lock to break your opponents grip that is defending your seat belt grip from the back so that you can sink in a nice fresh rear naked choke.
  • 15. Back Position Triangle Wrist Lock - A lot of times when going for the back triangle, it has the tendency to not be as tight as the front (normal) triangle. Most times you may not finish with the triangle so I show how to hit the wrist lock instead from here. 
  • 16. Side Control Frame Wrist Lock - This is a very sneaky and under-utilized wrist lock when you are on top side control and your opponent is putting that ANNOYING forearm frame under your throat. This is the last time they will do that lol!
  • 17. Side Control Grave Yard Wrist Lock From Deep Half Guard Defense - Here I show a bonus move! How to escape the deep half guard once they already get under you...then from the escape you land perfectly into a grave yard wrist lock!
  • 18. Side Control Grave Yard Wrist Lock From Oma Plata Defense - Here is another bonus technique. I first show the #1 escape from the oma plata of all time..then how to land perfectly into a grave yard wrist lock from there.
  • 19. Side Control "Chest Drop" Wrist Lock - Here I reveal the art of using only your chest and the floor to wrist lock your opponent from top side control..Hint Hint..It's usually when they are going for an under hook! Sneaky Sneaky.
  • 20. Guillotine Defense Wrist Lock - There is no better feeling than when your opponent has a tight guillotine locked in on you and they think they are about to get the tap..but then they tap to a wrist lock (or let go of the guillotine.) 
  • Plus Extra Bonus Moves...
These Are The Absolute Highest Percentage Wrist Locks Used In ADCC, IBJJF, And So Much MORE!
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